About Child Centre

Recently, our organization has made plan to run and continue one of child centre by the executive board member since this month of Ashoj 2074 B, S. which is ‘Community Child Centre’. Now, we have got 6 members of the children in the centre with their as usual facilities and to increase the numbers of children minimum 10 members from different part of Nepal. One of our committee members, Pastor Rajesh Magar has been running the centre as he could. Hence, this centre will be regarded and run by our organization, Save the Life, Nepal as well.

for so the another purpose of as a shelter, for those who are really and recently rescued from Child Trafficking, can be put in there for a some while as they need to stay. And we have decided to provide them well education and health, specially for their basic needs as their age groups.

thus we the ‘Save the Life, Nepal’ appeals and requests all of you to pray and support for them to God’s glory by orĀ  in lives and ultimately His love’s sake so that they could be a spiritual and qualified citizen of the Nation as they grow.

Thanking you.

On 12th September 2017 A.D.