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Advisor (Rescue and Repatriation)
Save the life Rescues on advertising the problem of trafficking in children and women by preventing at the rescue and repatriation and create more effective ways of getting children and women return home.
Save the life main vision is a society free form sexual and other forms of exploitation against children and women.
Children and women affected by disasters/ emergencies and conflict, including child centered Disaster Reduction
To prevent human trafficking by reaching out to the community, participatory children and women by raising awareness level of communities and extending life skills so that children and women are not trafficked into different forms of abuse including exploitation. Guided by the separations of affected people, we pursue our mission by releasing children and women forced into sexual exploitation, extend support to survivors. Protect vulnerable girls by empowering them empowering them through personal participation and explosion and work them to enhances livelihood skills. Improving the understanding and the situation of vulnerable children in need of care and protection.
Advocate, conduct awareness, campaigns seed public support, capacity building and create social pressure against trafficking of children and women.
Advocating for legal and policy reform, provide counseling support and life skills to children women at risk or being trafficked.
Natural disaster and emergency response is given main priority, rescue trafficked children, abroad.
Save the live works to protect from abuse, neglect, exploitation, physical danger and violence provide legal services, health counseling and assistance to destitute women, survivors girl trafficking and victims of domestic violence in line with the principles and standards of the united nations conversation on Rights of the child.