To help for Nepal’s Flood victims through SAVE THE LIFE, NEPAL.

To help for Nepal’s Flood and landslides victims through SAVE THE LIFE, NEPAL. There are continuously heavy monsoon rain fall for few days in here with Nepal. Many of have been died and many of have been not in connection and communication maximum are in trouble and danger by this natural disaster. In these hard situations, we would like to pray and humbly appeal for the flood and landslides victims to all concerned and interested NGOs and INGOs to support on this worse disasters through our organization to rescue and save their life. We will accept all kinds of help and support in this situation to lavish love of God to the victims. You can help us by financially as well as any online donations and according to your wish. Please, immediately visit and contact us as soon as possible. Thank you for your every kind deeds for such a so precious victims for Christ’s sake.. May God bless you and His mercy have upon us!

Kathmandu, Nepal

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