Our GDP is mainly dependent on remittances that is 9.1%, which comes from Nepalis working mainly in Gulf countries. Our national data as of 2010/11 affirms around 25 % of Nepali live under the absolute poverty line.

Human Poverty Index shows 44% of Nepalis are deprived of basic education, health, and access to resources. Still, people in remote parts of the country risk their lives to cross the river by ‘Tuins’, which has taken the lives of several children and women. Still children are forced to go to school walking hours and crossing the huge rivers by ‘Tuins’. This is only a small part of the whole story of the underprivileged people. Since our journey to be a part of helping hands for underprivileged and marginalized communities, we had seen different scenarios of problems and also solutions. We have been making different plans and policies to reach our goals. For example, emergency relief supports, sustainability programs, educational support, community development, rebuilding, safe shelter, water, sanitation and hygiene are areas we focus on.