Many problems started after lockdown due to COVID-19

Many problems started to merge in Nepal after government enforcement lockdown due to COVID-19. People groups of disables, daily wage workers and children started to suffer the food shortage. They started to ask for the help from other people to fulfill their needs and to take care of their family.

We started to distribute relief food to various people suffering at brick kilns, single woman, widows, disables and daily wage workers in co-ordination with Save the Life. But that relief was insufficient because various sources of people started to finish such as gas, food, firewood and money. Due to this grave situation we started to distribute free food to about 600 people at brick kilns, slum and people residing at temporary zinc sheet shelters nearby riverbanks. In addition to that we continued to serve food to people walking in streets of Nakhudobato, Lalitpur while returning their house in native places.

Besides providing free food we started to distribute relief to lockdown victims of brick kilns, slums, daily wage workers and people residing in temporary zinc sheets. The relief package included rice, pulses, noodles, beaten rice, oil and salt.

300 people became our target group to feed since our resource was also insufficient. We provided them food once a day with the help of six people involved in helping the needy people until today.

We need your continuous support to feed free food to these lockdown victims. You could support us with rice, vegetables, meal package, meat and money.

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Ramhari Thapa

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